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Reiki Level One Refresher

16th & 17th July 2022

If you have already gained Reiki Level One Certification with Marleen, then she offers her Reiki students the opportunity to do Reiki Level One again as a Refresher Course. 

It's a great way to Refresh but also a real gift to yourself to be back in that beautiful Reiki energy again.

A time for you to receive and re connect.

Irish Reiki Retreats

Reiki Level One Training

16th & 17th July 2022

This is the 1st Level of Reiki Training where you learn how to do Reiki on yourself and others. It is also a great foundation to understanding your own energy body and the main energy stations known as the chakras.


This is a Certifed Course under the guidelines of The Reiki Federation of Ireland.

For full details please click this link

Early Bird applies when you pay in full by 1st June 2022
If you are interested in learning
Reiki Level One Online then please

email us
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